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Welcome to the Welteroth Property Group. A family owned real estate investment and management company whose mission is to build relationships that enhance people’s lives. We do this by finding unique and untraditional ways to create value and deliver services beyond what is normally experienced. We just happen to do this through real estate investment, management, design and development of properties along the East Coast. Focused on emerging and underdeveloped markets, the Welteroth Property Group’s holistic and partnership oriented approach to real estate allows our teams to concentrate on finding win-win scenarios for all parties involved while considering the best long term positioning of a property and how it fits not just within the market, but the community it serves. This long-term strategy to investing and management is paramount to our success and strengthened by our broad range of real estate interests that allow our teams to look at opportunities from all angles, maximizing a projects long term viability, stabilization, and highest and best use not just for today, but for the needs of tomorrow.

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Northeast Operations

1403 South Atherton St.
State College, PA 16801

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424 Park Place,
West Palm Beach, FL 33480

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356 Laurens Rd.
Montoursville, PA 17754